A Mill Levy - 5B


Join us in being a champion for our local students. This November 2020 the school district mill levy renewal is on the ballot as 5B. Vote YES on 5B! 

We need your help -- especially during these times -- to ensure that our kids, teachers, and staff stay safe. In 2016 YOU helped YesForECS pass 3A & 3B! A huge win for Eagle County Schools' students and teachers! 

Voting YES on 5B ensures the continuation of $8 million in annual funding for our schools, without a tax increase. The critical funding will:

  • Retain dedicated quality teachers and ensure our children learn in the classroom or online
  • Support our students mental well being
  • Provide safe learning environments

State budget cuts due to COVID have ravaged Colorado schools' state funding. We have a great mountain to climb and need your support. 

Please, consider giving a donation to the 5B campaign today.

  • $10 = YES I"ll vote yes on 5B
  • $20 = YES I'll share with my friends via social media
  • $30 = YES I'll sign up to join the campaign
  • $40 = YES I believe in no new taxes 
  • $50 = YES our kids and educators matter

Regardless of how much you choose to give, every dollar helps us fulfill our goal of extending 3A funding in the years to come by voting YES on 5B.

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