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The ballot issues 3A and 3B are an important call to action for leveraging our community’s collective resources. Each of these ballot issues contains important initiatives that will ensure our students receive high quality education in safe and healthy buildings for years to come. Walking Mountains Science Center’s Board of Directors supports these important ballot issues for the benefit of our teachers, students and environment.

-- Markian Feduschak, President, Walking Mountains Science Center

After spending a great deal of time talking to school board members and meeting with Dr. Jason Glass, I am personally going to support the effort. more...

-- Rick Beveridge, Republican Candidate for County Commissioner

We value quality teachers, safe and secure schools, and class sizes that give teachers an opportunity to give individual attention to students who might need extra help. We strongly support Issues 3A and 3B.

--Trista & Ryan, Avon Residents, Author & Business Owner/Firefighter

Imagine going to school and not having the opportunity to experience classes in art, music or even physical education. It’s just not right. We’re voting yes on both 3A and 3B to restore a well-rounded education, retain quality teachers, and make sure every child has access to a safe and quality school.

-- Gaby & Erik Garcia, Longtime District Residents, Construction Estimator, RA Nelson & Soccer Coach

These kids are our future. They deserve to have quality teachers and a safe learning environment that prepare them to compete in college and beyond. We’re talking about a few dollars a month that will positively impact thousands of kids for a lifetime.

-- Erik Williams, Business Owner & Minister, Eagle River Presbyterian Church

Pay for teachers in our district is more than $10,000 lower than in the Denver Metro area and $6,000 below Aspen and Summit County. How can we expect to recruit and retain quality teachers if they can't aford to live here. Issues 3A and 3B deserve our support.

-- Kevin Kottenstette, Retired Eagle County Teacher

Many of our schools are more than 30 years old. Paying to replace outdated, ine cient plumbing, boilers, and heating and cooling systems will save money in the short and long run.

-- Shannon Garton, MD, Lifetime Resident

Losing our best and brightest teachers to other districts is a mistake. Quality teachers drive quality schools. We urge you to vote YES for Issues 3A and 3B.

-- Susan & Harry Frampton, 35-Year Residents & East West Partners

We're talking about $40 million in cuts to the district. No wonder they are struggling to retain great teachers, manage class sizes and properly maintain the school buildings. It's time to step up to the plate for our kids, teachers and aging school buildings.

-- Louise Funk, Eagle-Vail Resident, Former School Board Member

A world-class resort community thrives with world-class education. Providing the children of Eagle County with quality teachers, updated technology, and a safe and secure learning environment is a fair and reasonable request. It's an investment in our future.

-- Kristin Kenny Williams, VP, Mountain Community Affairs Vail Resorts

Quality teachers and high-performing schools are key drivers when it comes to property values, local economic development, and a properly trained workforce. Issues 3A and 3B bene t our kids and our local economy. These are smart proposals that deserve our support.

-- Chris Romer, President/CEO, Vail Valley Partnership

Our world is quickly changing. Students need to be prepared to compete globally. Having access to instructional technology to prepare them for college and beyond is critical. Letting our kids fall behind would be a mistake.

-- Dick Rothkopf, Long-Time Edwards Resident & Vail Valley Foundation Board Member

Expanding opportunities for students to take rigorous science, technology, engineering and math courses is important. I’m excited that the bond includes funds for science labs, career skills spaces and other STEM-focused learning spaces.

-- Kim Langmaid, Founder, VP, Director of Sustainability & Stewardship Programs, Walking Mountains Science Center

It makes sense to address our most pressing school facility needs at a time when borrowing costs are at a historic low. The longer we wait, the more it will cost. Let’s stop kicking the can down the street and get this done.

-- Merv Lapin, 50-Year Resident, Former Vail Councilman

It’s been a decade since the school district received a funding increase. During that time enrollment has increased by more than 1,400 students. To prepare kids for college and beyond, and to extend the life of our existing school buildings, we need to invest in them.

-- Kevin Brubeck, Town of Eagle Mayor Pro Tem
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