How to Canvass


How to use your smart phone to canvass voters:

The best way to canvass is to use our mobile canvass tool on a smart phone or connected tablet. If you dont have a smart phone or prefer to canvass with paper, please contact [email protected] and we will get you set up.

1) Download our campaign canvassing app called Polis.  

iTunes / Google Play.

2) Open the app.  If you have previously signed up on to canvass and we have an email associated with your profile, you should have received an email with a password

If you did not register then click on New signup. and create an account.  It may take a while for a staffer to approve your account.  We are watching as much as we can.

3) Once you are logged on, you can start canvassing from right where you are or you can go to a new location and start from there. Remember, you can canvass whenever you have time, wherever you are. 

4) You will see a map centered on your location. Voters we are targeting are blue dots. Once you are in a location where you want to knock on some doors, which could be assigned as part of a canvass party, move the red and blue pin to an area. It should be an area where there are some dots! Then click, "get started!" A list will be generated that will guide you in a path around the houses. When you have reached the voter at a residence, the blue dot will turn to a check. If you go to the door but they are not there, the dot turns to an X.

5) If there are multiple voters that we are targeting in a house, you can see this by the number of "i"s to the right of the name. If it is a multiple voter household, when you click on the house you will get a list of the voters. In some cases there will be someone who IS a voter but is not, for various reasons of black magic and demographics, on our target list. Please discuss the issues with them as you would with a targeted voter and encourage them to vote and to discuss the vote with the targeted voter.  

6) Remind the voter to vote "bottom UP". Start at the bottom of their ballot with 3A and 3B and go up from there! Remind them to mail back or drop off their ballot early (2 stamps!). Say thank you!   

7) If you get someone who wants to argue, appreciate their position, thank them, and walk away. Record them as opposed so we don't  spend time on them. Also try to avoid getting into other issues.

8) If there is a question you cant answer, you can direct them to, or check that there was a question and get contact information and a volunteer will get in touch with them

9) if they are interested in staying in touch or strongly support, please ask them for contact information. 

10) You are encouraged to complete the list that is generated for you but if you don't have time, scroll to the bottom and click FINISH THIS LIST. Please remember to click FINISH THIS LIST as the data is not recorded and any un-canvassed houses are locked to your phone until you hit finish!  

For more tips on Canvassing see our Safety page

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