Why is the Eagle County Schools Board of Education placing a Mill Levy Override on the 2020 Ballot?

  1. 5B continues the funding from 3A passed in 2016 that is critical to keeping Eagle County Schools financially secure and viable. 3A originally helped backfill state budget cuts stemming from the 2008 recession. The district had not yet rebounded to pre-recession funding levels when COVID-19 happened, causing a new recession that is projected to cut ECS funding by 8 to 9 million dollars a year for another decade.
  2. Combined with equally unpredictable enrollment projections as the community recovers from COVID-19, it is more urgent than ever to continue the funding stability that 5B provides.
  3. State legislators have proven time and again that educational funding has to come from local support. Local taxpayers directly see the benefit investment in local schools provide, and are thus more supportive of local solutions as compared to state-level initiatives.


Local schools are still the best barometer of community values. What a community invests in its school, financially and emotionally, determines what the community gets from its schools. It’s an authentic circle of life. Eagle County residents work hard for their money, they want opportunities for their children, and they invest in their local schools. 

Passing 5B does not increase your property taxes. Passing 5B continues our current level of investment to provide much needed stability to keep our schools healthy.

Download our FAQ here. 

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