Painting the Whole Picture

Complete Picture

So, maybe you heard: Eagle County School District is asking voters to approve two tax measures on the November 2016 ballot. A bonding approval will help fund desperately-needed improvements to aging school buildings and other infrastructure. A mill levy override (don't panic, definitions are forthcoming) will deliver operating resources to help our schools continue cultivating the talented students who will become tomorrow's productive citizens. Simple, right?

Well, while we hear many of you Champions of Public Education already asking, "How do I vote 'yes' right now?" we also know that, though utterly fascinating, this is a complex topic that you are eager to sit with and savor, like a fine wine. So, right here on these pages, we will explore together the state of school funding in Eagle County and Colorado, the unique history that got us here, and how we can decide locally to create exceptional public education in Eagle County.

You'll feel smarter just for having read each clear, concise, and compelling post, and we promise to transform dry data into pretty pictures whenever possible. Remember, we sip our wine to savor, so we're presenting this story one chapter at a time, thusly:

  • Crisitunity! -- or -- When You’re Last, You’ve Got Nowhere to Go but Up - the state of public education funding in Colorado.
  • Making Our Own Bed - Just how did we get here, anyway?
  • Making Lemonade - What the funding crisis looks like in Eagle County
  • Peeking Over the Fence - A look at what our neighbors have done for themselves
  • Grabbing the Bootstraps - What Eagle County can do to improve our situation
  • Rubber, Meet Road - Eagle County School District’s plan for funds.
  • Taking the Torch - What you can do to help realize the dreams of America’s founders

With each clear, concise, and compelling episode, you'll feel smarter and happier and will be yearning for more. At the end of our series, we hope you’ll not only vote for public education this fall, but you'll also be inspired to help with this effort and inspire others as well! So grab some cheese and crackers and enjoy Painting the Whole Picture of Education Funding in Eagle County. Check out the first episode, Crisitunity! --or-- When You're Last, You've Got Nowhere to Go but Up: The State of Public Education Funding in Colorado.