Thank you

Thank you Eagle County for your help, your support and voting to get 3a and 3b passed. 


Ballots have been counted, yard signs recycled, buttons stowed, and effort spent.

The wild ride of this year’s election has come to an end and, as is customary in

November, it’s time to give thanks. Not just for the bounty we’ll enjoy as Americans

on Thanksgiving Day, but also for the selfless dedication and commitment, the

tireless planning and organizing, the calling, money raising, postcard writing,

rallying, meet-and- greeting, party hosting, speaking, yard sign delivering, social

media posting, get-out- the-voting, canvassing and honk-and- waving, all on behalf of

our Eagle County Schools; our teachers; our children.

Citizens for Exceptional Eagle County Schools would like to recognize the herculean

efforts of the many loyal supporters, volunteers, teachers, students, community

members and advocates who believe our schools should be exceptional.

Thank you for hours you donated, giving up time with family and friends.

Thank you for overcoming the discomfort of knocking on the doors of people

unknown to you.

Thank you for picking up the phone in the name of education.

Thank you for finding the courage to ask neighbors for their support.

Thank you for the wee hours, the weekends.

Thank you for sharing your expertise, your passion, your voice.

And, thank you for believing so strongly that Educated Kids Change Everything.

You, YES For ECS volunteers and supporters, are the rock stars. You are the faces of

this campaign. You represent the greatness of this community and the can-do spirit

of the hardy souls who call this valley home. Thank you for all you do to make life

better for all of us.

With gratitude,

Citizens for Exceptional Eagle County Schools

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