Thanks for the Support


Thank you for pledging to vote YES on 3a and 3b.   

By taking the time to pledge your vote you are building momentum for our campaign, encouraging our volunteers and your neighbors to have a dialog about school financing  and also reducing the cost of our campaign.  

When you pledge yes, we know you are committed and so we don't have to send you mail or send volunteers to your door! 

All ballots in Colorado should be arriving in the mail in late October.  SKIP TO THE BOTTOM and VOTE YES on 3A and 3B.  Mail your ballot early to keep our costs down further! 

We would like to put your name in the paper in a list of supporters.  Is that OK?

Yes! You can put my name in the paper

Every person and every conversation you have can help this movement succeed.   

Spread the word to your network - particularly to people who may be undecided about the need for additional school funding.  If you need some talking points have a browse over to our FAQ or learn pages.  

We would love to have you: 

Attend an Event 



Many thanks! 

Citizens for Exceptional Eagle County Schools. 

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