What are some of the anticipated benefits of the extension of the mill levy override?

  • Supporting 5B and continuing the existing funding of the mill levy allows the district to continue supporting the key tenets of excellent schools:
    • Recruiting and retaining quality teachers – we’ve reduced teacher turnover by offering compensation that is competitive with area districts.
    • Improving the social and emotional mental health of our students – we’ve added counselors and improved our counselor-to-student ratios, plus provided engaging professional development for staff and students to better recognize when students are struggling and provide faster assistance.
    • Maintaining updated learning materials and reliable technology to support quality education in the classroom and online – we’ve worked to improve student equity pertaining to access and use of technology.
    • Creating safe and healthy learning environments through a combination of improved physical security, increased culturally responsive instructional practices, and updated support of the physical and mental health of students.
  • Collectively, this results in students who are better prepared for a career or college after high school.


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