What has the District already done to balance its budget and live within its means?

  1. Once COVID-19 arrived in March 2020, district leadership grasped the likely financial consequences of the pandemic.
  2. We reduced departmental and school-level budgets an average of 20%
  3. We consolidated June Creek Elementary School with Avon Elementary and Edwards Elementary school
  4. We left open non-teaching positions unfilled
  5. We revised policy to allow us to spend into our fund balance while maintaining a reserve balance of 10% of our budget
  6. We applied for and received CARES and ESSER aid to offset rising expenses due to COVID-19, which helped soften SY20-21 cuts from the state
  7. Eagle County Schools has won budgeting awards for its financial management and transparency. We publish all of our financial documentation on the district website: eagleschools.net/finance
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